QLOCKER module faceplate 480px

QLOCKER (pronounced ‘clocker’) is a looping parametric trigger sequencer for Eurorack modular systems. QLOCKER generates five interrelated trigger streams. Use it as the basis of a compact percussion setup. Use it to trigger envelopes as a way of introducing syncopation and expression into your music. Pair it with a simple analogue step sequencer for very funky basslines and melodies. Combine two or more QLOCKER modules to create a small highly-playable sequencing ecosystem. QLOCKER is the first module to make use of Between Machines’ FLICKER algorithm, a simple algorithm that generates compelling musical rhythms.

QLOCKER generates five interrelated trigger streams according to its interface settings.

CLK A regular clock pulse. Sixteen pulses make up a bar.

ONE A pulse on the first beat of each bar.

The DIV, MULT and BLEND trigger streams are generated using the FLICKER algorithm.

DIV Rhythms are generated by choosing probabilistically between /4 and /2 timing intervals.

MULT Rhythms are generated by choosing probabilistically between x1 and x2 timing intervals.

BLEND Rhythms are generated by choosing probabilistically between the DIV and MULT knob settings. i.e. triggers are generated according to a blend of their probabilities. BLEND rhythms are potentially a blend of /4, /2, x1 and x2 timing intervals.

Altering the DIV, MULT and BLEND knob settings changes the flicker probabilities, thus guiding the kinds of interlocking rhythms QLOCKER produces. These rhythms can be further sculpted using the MASK knob. When set to noon, MASK has no effect. Turning it in either direction thins out the trigger streams and emphasises certain beats. Playing with the MASK knob can generate very expressive rhythms.

QLOCKER borrows the idea of locking a stochastically generated rhythm into a loop from Music Thing Modular’s legendary Turing Machine. When you hear a rhythm you like, press the LOOP button to capture the last sixteen pulses generated at the DIV, MULT and BLEND outputs. While LOOP is active the DIV, MULT, BLEND and MASK knobs have no effect, so they can be changed to provide a different feel when you exit the loop. This technique can be used to generate improvised but coherent changes in rhythmic intensity over time.

The timing of QLOCKER’s internal clock is set with the TEMPO knob and the timefeel can be set by adjusting the SWING knob.

Other simple features add to QLOCKER’s performability. The MUTE button mutes the BLEND stream. The FLIP button flips the MULT and BLEND rhythms to create fill-like rhythmic variation.

QLOCKER will sync to an incoming clock or tempo can be directly controlled via CV. This behaviour is switchable with the CLK/T button. DIV, MULT and BLEND are all CV controllable (-5V to +5V). LOOP and MUTE can be toggled on and off by sending a 5V pulse to the associated input.

SIZE: 10hp
DEPTH: 35mm
POWER: tbc