KEEPER Core and expander module faceplates

KEEPER is a flexible control-voltage sequencing ecosystem for Eurorack comprising a core module and up to three output expanders. A fully expanded system has 4 inputs and 32 outputs, all of which are fully configurable.

KEEPER’s 14hp core module acts as a host for an Ableton Push 2 controller. THE PUSH 2 CONTROLLER CONNECTS DIRECTLY INTO THE KEEPER CORE MODULE. NO COMPUTER IS REQUIRED. KEEPER interfaces directly with the Push 2 via its USB port. The Push provides a tactile super-responsive interface with detailed visual feedback. No previous knowledge of Ableton Live or Push 2 is required to use KEEPER.

KEEPER is made by musicians and is designed with performance in mind. Flow-state is prioritised. The UI is structured so you never have to press stop while making music. Functions are logically mapped across the interface reducing the need to remember arcane control combinations. The menu system is just one layer deep and is associated with physical controls, so there is no menu-diving and no need to remember where a particular parameter ‘lives’.

Each KEEPER project can contain up to 16 patterns, each of which can be up to 8 bars long. Each bar can be up to 32 steps long. KEEPER is designed from the ground up with polymeters (often called polyrhythms) in mind. Slip very easily into polymetric (polyrhythmic) mode by changing the length of one or more tracks. Slip back out by making all tracks the same length again.

KEEPER supports user defined scales and tunings (Scala).

Each track maps directly to an output. Track-types can be freely assigned. Available track-types include trigger, cv, gate, accent, runstop and clock. Each output’s voltage range can also be configured: -5v to +5v, 0v to +5v or 0v to 10v.

Tracks can be gathered into voices to simplify editing. For example, a cv track and a gate track can easily be combined into a cv/gate voice. Or a trigger track and an accent track can be combined into a trigger/accent voice. Other arbitrary track combinations are also possible. For example, three cv tracks and a gate track could be combined into a voice to sequence a reverb module’s parameters.

KEEPER incorporates a custom permutational algorithm. By simply turning a knob, variations are introduced introduced into your current pattern. These variations are highly dependent on your pattern’s content. When you hear something you like, it can be easily captured to a new pattern for further editing by pressing the Capture button. Individual tracks and whole patterns can be rotated, so ‘the one’ can be moved to a new location.

KEEPER also offers a new way to arrange your patterns into larger looping structures. Jump easily back and forth between these larger multi-pattern chunks and single looping patterns to improvise new arrangements in real-time.

SIZE: 14hp
DEPTH: 35mm
POWER: tbc

SIZE: 6hp
DEPTH: 35mm
POWER: tbc